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Madison Alumnae Chapter

Madison Alumnae Delta D.E.A.R.S.

Verona Morgan & Elizabeth Snider, Co-Chairs

Delta D.E.A.R.S. (Dedicated--Energetic—Active--Respected--Soror) are members of Delta Sigma Theta's sisterhood who have been blessed to reach the golden age of 62 years. Dedicated to upholding the ideals and traditions of their sorority, Delta D.E.A.R.S. set a standard of excellence in service, scholarship.  Our Delta D.E.A.R.S. Committee supports the Madison Alumnae’s Programs by Encouraging, Caring, Sharing and Mentoring.  M.A.C.'s Delta DE.A.R.S. committee is an arm of Membership Services.  

D.E.A.R.S. on the Move!

Sorors LtoR: Co-Chair Mack, Moss, C.McDowell, State of Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction Carolyn Stanford, State Representative of 77th District Shelia Stubbs,  Snider and Co-ChairMorgan.

Both women are the first in Wisconsin history to serve in these positions.


Charter Members: (LtoR) Sorors: Nancy Evans,

Dianne Hopkins, Pres. Terri Strong (not DD),Yvonne Bowen.

Standing:Sorors Anana, Hawkins, Morgan, Stanford,

Warren, Bankston, Garrett Thomas, Moss, Snider, McDowell.


D.E.A.R.S. at the 2018 Heart & Soul Scholarship Ball

(LtoR) Sorors: Jones, Lowery, Morgan (co-chair),

Mack (co-chair), McDowell, Bowen and Moss.

Upcoming Delta D.E.A.R.S. Events


D.E.A.R.S. Dears at state cluster in Greenbay.

LtoR: Sorors Mack, Moss, Morgan, Anana,

Warren and C. McDowell.

Sorors at the Inaugural Ceremony of Soror Shelia Stubbs. State Representative of the 77th District Assembly.

First Row LtoR: Soror Arrington, Miles, Pres. Terri Strong, Rep. Shelia Stubbs, V. McDowell, C. Gaines, SC Shelton Morris.

2nd row: Delta Dear SororMack and Bishop Stubbs.


Sorors at the surprise celebration for Representative Shelia Stubbs.

D.E.A.R.S. Present: LtoR Sorors C. McDowell, Snider, Mack and Chikasa Anana.

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