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Madison Alumnae Chapter

Madison Alumnae Creative Writing Contest Winners

We are extremely proud to present to you the Madison Alumnae 2016 Creative Writing Award recipients. All of the submissions were from the heart and filled with emotion. Each poem or short story was a ponigant reflection of life through children's eyes. These young writers have an amazing voice and promising futures as writers.


Creative Writing Contest Winners:

High School:

1st Place ($100) – Jaleah Price, Where I Am From (Poem)

Verona Exploration Academy, 12th Grade


2nd Place ($50) – Tianna Smith, My Eyes (Poem)

Verona Exploration Academy, 11th Grade


Middle School:

1st Place ($50) – Kelly Carranza, Me (Poem)

Kromery Middle School, 8th Grade


2nd Place ($25) – Mercedes Gibbs, Brother (Short Story)

Kromery Middle School, 6th Grade